Join the Downtown Torrance Association

Are you a Downtown Torrance Business Owner? Now’s a great time to join the Downtown Torrance Association. We’ve got all the experience of members going back 20+ years to the original DTA, plus the incredible energy of so many new business owners in the downtown area.

Here are some of the many benefits of becoming a member:

  • NETWORKING.  Know your neighbors.  Benefit from their expertise.  Learn from their mistakes.  
  • BE HEARD.  Have a voice and a vote in DTA decisions.
  • LEVERAGE.  As a group, we speak louder at City Hall.
  • REFERRALS.  We need each other and our customers need all of us.
  • COMMUNITY.  Join a group whose sole reason for being is to have your back as a business, to help you shine like the valued community commodity you are.
  • PRESENCE.  Make your mark on our Downtown Torrance web page, Facebook page and our Instagram.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING.  Put collective minds to work on your biggest challenges.
  • GROUP EVENTS, ADS AND PROMOTIONS.  Why do it alone?  Let us support your great ideas and ride our coattails to success, too.
  • BLING.  A really cute DTA window decal.  
Just hit the button below and complete the electronic application. 
See you at the next meeting!
DTA Application